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SVCS International Symposium on Stability, Vibrations and Control of Systems

June 16 – 18, 2016

BME, Bld. Q BF14-15


June 16, 2016, Thursday

9h- 920        Opening remarks

                   Ardeshir Guran

                   Dean: László Vajta

                   Hassan Charaf  -  Bálint Kiss

920 – 10      Keynote 1. László Keviczky

                   On Some Philosophical Paradigms of Modeling and Control

                             Chair: Ruth Bars  

10 -1030     Coffee break

Session 1.  Control Paradigms

                             Chair: István Harmati     Vice chair: Ruth Bars

1030-1050  Zuzana Dideková, Slavomír Kajan and Štefan Kozák: Fuzzy Non-Linear

     System Modeling and Control

1050-1110  Péter Polcz, Gábor Szederkényi, Katalin M. Hangos: Computational

                Stability Analysis of an Uncertain Bioreactor Model

1110-1130  Alena Kozakova and Michal Kocur: Observer-Based Digital Reference

               Tracking: FPGA Realization

1130-1150  Ján Cigánek and Štefan Kozák: Comparison of Controller Design

                Methods for Electro-Pneumatic Servosystem

1150-1210  I. Harmati, G. Kovács, B. Kiss, G. Vámos: A Store-and-Forward Model

     for Passenger Flows at the Departure Side of an Airport Terminal

Lunch 1215-1325

1330-1410   Keynote 2. Ardeshir Guran

System Outlook in Human Locomotion

Chair: Ruth Bars

Session 2.  Medical Applications

                             Chair: Balázs Benyó       Vice chair: Behnaz Yousefghahari

1410-14420   M. Esmaelnejad Ganjee

Needs for Application of System Theory in Orthopaedic Surgery

1420-1440     Balazs Benyo, Kent Stewart, Jozsef Homlok, Christopher G. Pretty, J.

Geoffrey Chase, Bela Palancz: Clinical Data Based Validation of the

Stochastic Version of  ICING Model

1440-1510      Behnaz Yousefghahari, Ardeshir Guran, Afra Vahidi – Shams: Design of Shoes for Diabetic Foot Patients

1510-1530     Luca Szegletes, Mate Koles, Bertalan Forstner:  Multi-Source

                   Classification - A Mental Effort Study

1530-1550     Sanja Djurdevic, Aleksandar Damjanovic, Zilijeta Krivokapic, Rosa

Sapic, Sreten Vicentic, Ardeshir Guran: The Influence of Personality

Traits on Severity of Offence in Criminal Convict

1550-1620   Coffee break

Session 3.  Machines, robots, vehicles, sensors

Chair: Gábor Péter          Vice chair: H. Madokoro

1620-1640     Gábor Péter, Bálint Kiss: Cooperative Landmark Localization Using

Differential Driven Agents

1640-17        A. Mihály, P. Gáspár, B. Németh: In-wheel Vehicle Control Implementation with Energy and Safety Considerations

17-1720        Jakub Osusky: Design of Generalized Predictive Control for

                   Interconnected Couple of  DC Motors

1720-1740     H. Madokoro, N. Shimoi, K. Sato, and L. Xu: Development of Unrestrained and Hidden Sensors Using Piezoelectric Films for Recognition and Prediction of Bed-Leaving Behaviors

Evening program: Boat tour on Danube river. Expected start: 19:00, duration: approx. 60 minutes

June 17, 2016, Friday

9-940           Keynote 3. Štefan Kozák

                   Multidisciplinary Approach in Research and Education of

                   Control Engineering for Mechatronics

                             Chair: Hassan Charaf

940-1010      Coffee break

Session 1.  Modelling, Tracking and Robust control

                             Chair: Alena Kozakova            Vice chair: Danica Rosinova

1010-1030     Danica Rosinova, Peter Balko: Decentralized Robust Control of a

Three Tank Laboratory Plant

1030-1050     Ján Cigánek, Michal Kocúr and Štefan Kozák: FPGA Realization of

Robust Controller Design

1050-1110     József Homlok: Maintaining Initial Conditions in the Case of LTI

                    Systems   with a Constant Excitation Signal

1110-1130     Ján Cigánek: Trajectory Tracking of Shape Optimized Model with Variable Sampling

1130-1150     Jakub Osusky ,Teofana Puleva: Robust Switch Control: Hydraulic

                   Turbine Application

1150-1210     Sadaf Shariati, Dirk Abel: Educating Model Predictive Control: Theory and Practice in Two Days

Lunch 1220-1320

1330-1410   Keynote 4. Janos Gertler

                   Persistent Excitation in Diagnostics

                                    Chair: Jenő Hetthéssy

Session 2. Phenomena in Composite Materials

                             Chair: Ardeshir Guran    Vice chair: Ruth Bars

1410-1430     Claudia Timofte: Multiscale Analysis of Heat Transfer Problems in

                   Composite Media

1430-1450     Jan Krmla, Vladimíra Krmlevá: Design of Method for Cyclic Tensile

Loading of Composites

1450-1510     Ardeshir Guran, Simonović, Nemanja D Zorić, Nebojša S Lukić, Slobodan : Estimation the Changes in Modal Parameters of Piezoelectrical Actuators and Sensors: a Rectangular Plate With Embedded

1530 – 1730 Visiting the laboratories of AUT and IIT Departments (optional)

June 18, 2016, Saturday

Sightseeing tour

3 hours, starting at 9h from Hotel Flamenco